Walking back to my desk after lunch, I carried my afternoon tea in one hand and a granola bar and mobile phone in the other. My headphone cord which was plugged in to my mobile swayed with my steps as I walked. I have always enjoyed biology and medicine, so the podcast The Gluten Free … More Listen


In a nutshell I learned from the on-call GP who saw me that day that the tumour wasn’t cancerous. It was instead a benign tumour composed of fat and muscle that had a blood supply of its own. Relief flooded my body. The CT that I underwent a few months earlier revealed that the tumour … More Moe


~ Do you remember that time in your life when you knew nothing about living but felt strong and confident enough to want to pull away from your parents, and that you were ready to make your own way in the world? For me that time arrived while working at a summer job in Waterton, … More Dam(n)