Walking back to my desk after lunch, I carried my afternoon tea in one hand and a granola bar and mobile phone in the other. My headphone cord which was plugged in to my mobile swayed with my steps as I walked. I have always enjoyed biology and medicine, so the podcast The Gluten Free … More Listen

Spoons and Tightropes

Are you familiar with Christine Miserandino’s Spoon Theory? While Miserandno’s Spoon Theory resonated with me, Clare Edgerton’s Tightrope Theory  more clearly represents what my life has been like for the last handful of years…some days are better that others, some hours are better than others. Well dear reader, 2019 was pretty much a tightrope walking, … More Spoons and Tightropes


By August of each year the city and the surrounding countryside where I live becomes ‘scary’ dry. Summer months often mean no rain for weeks on end; there are often water restrictions, yellow dead grass covers front lawns and seagull guano paints the downtown sidewalks white. If you were to go for a summer walk … More Solistalgia