So That Happened…

Five years ago my life changed forever.

With one CT scan everything in my world was flipped upside-down.

I always thought that stuff like this could not happen to me ( I am not sure why- I mean why not?). Even as I was having the CT scan I thought ‘no way will they find anything too bad’.

I am not sure where I should start my story, where to begin or how far back to start. I know that I have had vague symptoms and had been treated over the years for things that I now know were signs of the disease progressing in my body. By ‘over the years’ I mean since I was a teen and I am now in my 40’s.

So yes, I guess that is where I will begin. I will begin by telling you about LAM and of the health issues I have had over the years and how I think they were all pointing to a disease that not very many people know a lot about. During and after my diagnosis I have received nothing but world-class care, and in a way, I am relieved to finally know what it is that I have been dealing with. I am grateful for the kindness that all of the doctors, nurses, lab technicians and receptionists have shown me. It has made this journey easier.

LAM can present differently for each person due to the nature of the disease and the lifestyle and physiology of each person who has LAM – it is a ‘constellation’ of symptoms that can be hard to pinpoint.

Later this week I will begin telling you about my story.

Image by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay 

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